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March 31, 2007


Jenn Miller

What a lovely day. You can see it on their faces how happy they are!


It sounds like an awesome nature day. What great ambassadors you guys were for the homeschooling lifestyle. BTW, we just read a very informative book that would go great with your duck trail - Ducks Don't Get Wet It has a couple great experiments in the back to illustrate how ducks stay dry.

Michaela Mckinney

Mary, you're absolutely right about the book Ducks Don't Get Wet. I didn't realize how much we'd learn from just that one book. It's very hard to tell from the photo, but it's laying down in front of the fold-n-learn. Perfect for a duck unit.


Yup - I see it now. I see we have similar taste in unit studies - but I already knew that!


What a great day! I'm all inspired to get our Nature Notebooks out and actually sketch something in them. We've become awfully good about carrying them around, next step is to actually apply paint to paper, I guess! LOL!

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